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Casa Materna

Casa Materna (HAVA Foundation)

Casa Materna is a birthing center that provides critically needed medical services and education to impoverished mothers and babies in the rural mountain region of San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. 

Casa Materna (HAVA Foundation)

Our goal is for the women of the region to have an affordable, accessible, and safe place to deliver their babies and thereby decrease fetal and maternal mortality. Casa Materna trains and employs local Guatemalans who are invested in the community to provide a sustainable medical resource for this region.


Our team of indigenous birth attendants and nurses provide medical, spiritual and emotional support for the mother while welcoming her family and traditional midwife to participate in the process. All of our team members outside of Guatemala are volunteers.

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Every high-risk mother identified and supported by the Casa Materna staff represents a potential life saved. 

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